Sarny Castle in the Sudetes

Sarny Castle is one of the largest aristocratic residences from the late Renaissance in Lower Silesia. It opened for tourists in 2017 amid ongoing  restoration to bring out the beauty shaped by its various owners since 1590.

Our two fully renovated guesthouses are available for stays. Our breakfast is rated 9.7/10 and our restaurant 10/10.

The first refurbished part of the castle is available for sightseeing daily from 11am to 8pm. The gatehouse from the 16th century is now a café with excellent coffee and cakes. Postcards with details of St. John Nepomucene Chapel from 1738 are available on site. A restaurant is open daily from 1pm to 8pm.

The restoration of Sarny Castle and adjacent buildings is a project meant to last 20 years. We are raising public and private donations for the project, and you can help by donating to our collection box or using PayPal.

Each visit and all proceeds spent at Sarny Castle support the ongoing renovation.

Sarny Castle is a member of the European Route of Historic Gardens and Europa Nostra, the European federation of cultural heritage organizations.